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"The Promise" (Story Behind the Single)
Author: Cassandra Lokker
4 April 2011


For those of you who attended my concert at First Reformed Church in Baldwin, Wisconsin on Sunday

night, April 3, you were able to hear the premiere of the new single “The Promise.”  Today, I am releasing

the song online.  You can hear the song on my website at, where you can also

order the track through Cassie’s Shop or via e-mail.


I would like to share the story behind the song and give you the opportunity to grasp a semblance of my

passion for the project and its importance to my upcoming book release.


Since 2009, I have been progressing toward obtaining my Masters degree in Ministry Leadership.  

Throughout my time spent completing papers, portfolios, and presentations, I found myself needing a

release.  My music career was going well and I enjoyed my volunteer work, but I felt this increasing draw

toward my writing.  I hadn’t written a novel in almost three years, so I was largely out of practice.  Even

so, I told myself that this project would just be for fun and we would see where it would lead.


The idea for The Promise sprang from a novel I had started to write in high school.  The characters had

already been created and some of the plot set in place by the time I seriously started writing in January

of 2010.  I would write when I had time and my school schedule was less pressing.  As a goal, I told myself

I would try to write the book in a year, even though I knew I was up against a huge challenge that

probably wouldn’t be conquered.


One afternoon in late September, 2010, I sat down to write.  I told myself I would just get a few pages out

before dinner, but I got swept up in the moment and didn’t look up from the computer until past 10:00

p.m.  I had grabbed a snack at some point throughout the course of the evening, but for the most part, I

was completely dedicated to finishing the book… and that night, the goal was accomplished!  I finished 

The Promise.


I wasn’t sure what to do with the book at this point.  I wondered if I should share it with my editor or keep

it to myself.  Finally, I sent it to Ashley, and when I heard her early thoughts on the manuscript, I began to

get really excited about the project.  For the first time, I started thinking about a Spring release.  I knew

things would be crazy with graduation near that time, but I wanted to do this.  And even crazier was my

next idea: what if I could write a song based on the book to use as a promotional tool to garner interest

for it?


I was traveling to Colby, Wisconsin to sing at some weekend church services when the first lyrics came to

mind.  I scribbled them down, thinking that would be the end of that.  I didn’t really anticipate that an

actual song would materialize, but I also didn’t close myself off from the possibility.


I had been home from Colby for a few weeks when I sat down to do homework one night.  But the ideas for

the song suddenly came to mind and I couldn’t ignore the inspiration as it struck.  I set everything aside

and started to write, and within an hour, “The Promise” song was born. 


I am so eager for you to hear this creation!  I have been blessed to have others come on board and share my

passion for this song and book combo.  Without these individuals helping to make this possible, I would not

have the chance to see my music and writing come together in such a creative way.  Nelson Vaughn is

featured on guitar with credits for producing, Kyle Bonderson acted as engineer, and AnaLise and Tessa Alzen

offered their talents on violin.


Keep your eyes out for The Promise (the book) and its release!  Also be looking for the promotional video/book

trailer to land on YouTube and Facebook in the next few weeks!   Enjoy the song and please read the book.  I

pray you will find a blessing in both endeavors.


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