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Cassie Lokker releases new single "Quiet Place" on May 14, 2021!

To celebrate the upcoming release of her new album, Cassie is offering a free download of a Christmas single!  Happy listening, and Merry Christmas!

 Christmas With Cassie 

Cassie Lokker's annual Christmas concert, featuring Vanessa Huftel


Hosted By:

Cassie Lokker Music


First Reformed Church

Baldwin, WI

1120 11th Ave.

Baldwin, WI 54002

Invited By:  

Cassie Lokker


Dec. 7, 2014

  Hazelnut Tree Christmas  

Presented By:  Cassie Lokker with special guest, Vanessa Huftel




7:00 p.m.


Hazelnut Tree

860 Main St.

Baldwin, WI 54002


Tickets $7.00 in advance; children 5 and under are FREE!

  Hazelnut Tree Christmas  

Presented By:  Cassie Lokker with special guest, Katie Bothum




7:00 p.m.


Hazelnut Tree

860 Main St.

Baldwin, WI 54002


Tickets will be available beginning in November through the

Hazelnut Tree or Cassie Lokker.  A limited number of seats are

available.  There will be a cover charge of $5.00.


Come celebrate Christmas with us at the Hazelnut Tree!




The Promise released May 2011!  The book is currently

available through or  Please see the book page to learn more

about Beyond the Fury, St. Croix Chronicles and The Promise. 





Faithful Friends Facebook Contest


Enter for a chance to win the entire Cassandra Lokker book library including Beyond the Fury, St. Croix Chronicles, and new release The Promise.  Comment on Cassandra Lokker's Facebook wall with a response to this prompt:

In The Promise, character Brent Hollister faithfully prays for his best friend, J.C. Cameron, in hopes that she will one day take hold of the promise of Christ's love.  Tell us about the one person that has been faithful in making a difference in your life and what their dedication has meant to you.


If your story tugs at Cassandra's heartstrings, you will be chosen as winner of the entire Cassandra Lokker book library.  For the person you write about and nominate in this contest, they will be awarded their own copy of The Promise.  Also, tucked into your copy of The Promise will be a $10 bill.  With this money, I encourage you to treat the person you have nominated in this contest to a coffee or meal out.  Use this as an

opportunity to thank him or her for the investment he or she has made in your life.


The winner will be notified no later than June 3, 2011 and will be announced on Cassandra's website: and

Cassandra Lokker's Facebook page:


Contest entry deadline: May 31, 2011


The Rules:


1.  Tell us about your faithful friend in a Facebook post on Cassandra 

Lokker's wall.
2.  Invite at least 10 friends to be a fan of Cassandra Lokker at and check out The Promise promo video at
3.  And that's it!  You have been entered into the contest with a chance to win the entire Cassandra

Lokker book library and an opportunity for you to share your heart with a faithful friend.

Now go out and spread the word about The Promise!

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