Cassandra Lokker





"As they neared town, her thoughts were stilled as she looked around in

disbelief.  The roadside  was strewn with broken tree limbs, and full trees torn from their roots now obstructed the path in front of them.  Shingles, bits of tree bark, and wood splinters litter ground as well, hingering their progress."

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The story continues to unfold in this

long-awaited sequel to Beyond the Fury, In Beyond Expectations, Elaina's

independent spirit and curious nature come in conflict with a man burdened with grief and broken dreams.  Together, Jacob and Elaina struggle to forge a friendship based on trust and understanding.  Read More






Beyond The Fury

Price:  $14.00

St. Croix Chronicles

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Caught between two worlds, J.C. Cameron battles between relinquishing the life she once knew and embracing the faith of her friends.  A set of circumstances draws her away from the in-crowd and into an unexpected friendship with Brent Hollister-- a transparent witness to the faith he has held for so long.  Read More

The Promise

Price: $18.00